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Charles Bloe Training

Charles Bloe Training provide high quality training courses and clinical updates for all health and social care staff. They are experts in providing face-to-face and online training for nurses, pharmacists, paramedics, health care assistants and other health & social care professionals.

Charles Bloe Training was established in 1998. Originally renowned for the delivery of expert face-to-face training courses, they have embraced the opportunities of online learning. The company is owned and managed by Charlie Bloe (BSc RGN NDN ITU cert). Charlie has a wealth of experience – both in the NHS and in training development and delivery. He continues to work as a Clinical Manager in NHS Highland (coronary care) and adopts a hands-on approach within the company, personally delivering numerous training courses every year.

All courses
TitleTraining TimeBase Price
Acute Coronary Syndromes (Diagnosis & Management)3 Hours£ 21.00
Adult Asthma1 Hour£ 21.00
Adult Basic Life Support1 Hour£ 21.00
Anaphylaxis and Basic Life Support2 Hours£ 21.00
Arterial Blood Gas ABG Interpretation3 Hours£ 21.00
Atrial Fibrillation Stroke Prevention2 Hours£ 21.00
Cardiac Pacemakers2 Hours£ 21.00
Chlamydia1 Hour£ 21.00
Chronic Heart Failure2 Hours£ 21.00
Core Cardiac Education Programme Unit 1 Underpinning knowledge2 Hours£ 21.00
Core Cardiac Education Programme Unit 2 Cardiac Conditions2 Hours£ 21.00
Core Cardiac Education Programme Unit 3 Cardiac Assessment2 Hours£ 21.00
Core Cardiac Education Programme Unit 4 Communication2 Hours£ 21.00
Core Cardiac Education Programme Unit 5 Cardiac Risk Reduction, Rehabilitation and Care Delivery2 Hours£ 21.00
Cystitis in women1 Hour£ 21.00
Drug Calculations - Avoiding Errors2 Hours£ 21.00
Early Warning Scoring and Pulse Oximetry1 Hour£ 21.00
Emergency Contraception1 Hour£ 21.00
Erectile Dysfunction and Coronary Artery Disease1 Hour£ 21.00
Erectile Dysfunction Essentials1 Hour£ 21.00
Food Hygiene2 Hours£ 21.00
Hay Fever1 Hour£ 21.00
Hepatitis A1 Hour£ 21.00
Hepatitis B1 Hour£ 21.00
Influenza1 Hour£ 21.00
Malaria1 Hour£ 21.00
Motion Sickness1 Hour£ 21.00
Psoriasis1 Hour£ 21.00
Rabies1 Hour£ 21.00
Revaxis Vaccine£ 21.00
Skin Antisepsis2 Hours£ 21.00
Stable Angina3 Hours£ 21.00
The Chest X-Ray Demystified2 Hours£ 21.00
Travellers Diarrhoea1 Hour£ 21.00
Treatment Adherence£ 21.00
Typhoid Fever1 Hour£ 21.00
Vaccination Programme with Basic Life Support & Anaphylaxis8 Hours£ 21.00
Yellow Fever1 Hour£ 21.00