Eurotalk Language Courses

Have you ever despaired of learning by repeating apparently meaningless phrases parrot-fashion? So have we! In order to transfer the information you're taking in from your short term to your long term memory, the content has to mean something to you. Repetition alone is rarely enough.

It's like going to a new place for the first time when someone else is driving. You're far less likely to remember the route if you aren't behind the wheel because you're not 'involved' in the same way. But, if you're the driver - and particularly if you're asked to take the same journey again shortly after the first trip - your memory will be greatly improved.

This is because new experiences, which form part of our short term memory, are transferred to our long term memory by the acts of involvement and repetition.and why EuroTalk e-Learning tests you on what you've learned with quizzes. These help you understand the context and practical meaning of your new language and, by repeatedly asking you to recall what you've learnt, strengthen your long term memory.

All courses
Abruzzese Beginners (Talk Now)
Afrikaans Beginners (Talk Now)
Afrikaans Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Afrikaans Business (Talk the Business)
Afrikaans Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Albanian Beginners (Talk Now)
Albanian Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Albanian Business (Talk the Business)
Albanian Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Alsatian Beginners (Talk Now)
American English Beginners (Talk Now)
American English Beginners Plus (Talk More)
American English Business (Talk the Business)
American English Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Amharic Beginners (Talk Now)
Amharic Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Amharic Business (Talk the Business)
Amharic Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Arabic (Classical) (Talk Now)
Arabic (Classical) Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Arabic (Classical) Business (Talk the Business)
Arabic (Classical) Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Arabic (Egyptian) Beginners (Talk Now)
Arabic Beginners (Talk Now)
Arabic Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Arabic Business (Talk the Business)
Arabic Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Armenian Beginners (Talk Now)
Assamese Beginners (Talk Now)
Assamese Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Australian English Beginners (Talk Now)
Aymara (Talk Now)
Azeri Beginners (Talk Now)
Basque Beginners (Talk Now)
Basque Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Basque Business (Talk the Business)
Basque Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Belarusian Beginners (Talk Now)
Belarusian Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Bengali Beginners (Talk Now)
Bengali Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Bengali Business (Talk the Business)
Bengali Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Berber (Tamazight) Beginners (Talk Now)
Berber (Tamazight) Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Berber (Tamazight) Business (Talk the Business)
Berber (Tamazight) Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Bosnian Beginners (Talk Now)
Bosnian Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Brazilian Portuguese Beginners (Talk Now)
Brazilian Portuguese Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Brazilian Portuguese Business (Talk the Business)
Brazilian Portuguese Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Breton Beginners (Talk Now)
Bulgarian Beginners (Talk Now)
Bulgarian Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Bulgarian Business (Talk the Business)
Bulgarian Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Burmese Beginners (Talk Now)
Canadian English Beginners (Talk Now)
Canadian French Beginners (Talk Now)
Cantonese Beginners (Talk Now)
Cantonese Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Cantonese Business (Talk the Business)
Cantonese Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Catalan Beginners (Talk Now)
Catalan Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Catalan Business (Talk the Business)
Catalan Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Cebuano Beginners (Talk Now)
Chibemba Beginners (Talk Now)
Chichewa Beginners (Talk Now)
Chichewa Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Chichewa Business (Talk the Business)
Chichewa Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Chinese Mandarin Beginners (Talk Now)
Chinese Mandarin Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Chinese Mandarin Business (Talk the Business)
Chinese Mandarin Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Chuvash Beginners (Talk Now)
Cockney Beginners (Talk Now)
Cornish Beginners (Talk Now)
Cornish Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Cornish Business (Talk the Business)
Cornish Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Corsican Beginners (Talk Now)
Creole Beginners (Talk Now)
Creole Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Creole Business (Talk the Business)
Creole Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Croatian Beginners (Talk Now)
Croatian Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Croatian Business (Talk the Business)
Croatian Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Czech Beginners (Talk Now)
Czech Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Czech Business (Talk the Business)
Czech Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Danish Beginners (Talk Now)
Danish Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Danish Business (Talk the Business)
Danish Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Dari Beginners (Talk Now)
Dari Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Dari Business (Talk the Business)
Dari Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Dutch Beginners (Talk Now)
Dutch Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Dutch Business (Talk the Business)
Dutch Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
English Beginners (Talk Now)
English Beginners Plus (Talk More)
English Business (Talk the Business)
English Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
English Scottish Beginners (Talk Now)
Esperanto Beginners (Talk Now)
Esperanto Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Esperanto Business (Talk the Business)
Esperanto Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Estonian Beginners (Talk Now)
Estonian Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Estonian Business (Talk the Business)
Estonian Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Faroese Beginners (Talk Now)
Fijian Beginners (Talk Now)
Finnish Beginners (Talk Now)
Finnish Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Finnish Business (Talk the Business)
Finnish Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Flemish Beginners (Talk Now)
Flemish Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Flemish Business (Talk the Business)
Flemish Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
French Beginners (Talk Now)
French Beginners Plus (Talk More)
French Business (Talk the Business)
French Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Frisian Beginners (Talk Now)
Galician Beginners (Talk Now)
Galician Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Galician Business (Talk the Business)
Galician Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Georgian Beginners (Talk Now)
German Beginners (Talk Now)
German Beginners Plus (Talk More)
German Business (Talk the Business)
German Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Greek Beginners (Talk Now)
Greek Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Greek Business (Talk the Business)
Greek Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Greenlandic Beginners (Talk Now)
Greenlandic Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Greenlandic Business (Talk the Business)
Greenlandic Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Gujarati Beginners (Talk Now)
Gujarati Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Hausa Beginners (Talk Now)
Hawaiian Beginners (Talk Now)
Hebrew Beginners (Talk Now)
Hebrew Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Hebrew Business (Talk the Business)
Hebrew Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Hindi Beginners (Talk Now)
Hindi Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Hindi Business (Talk the Business)
Hindi Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Hungarian Beginners (Talk Now)
Hungarian Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Hungarian Business (Talk the Business)
Hungarian Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Icelandic Beginners (Talk Now)
Icelandic Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Icelandic Business (Talk the Business)
Icelandic Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Igbo Beginners (Talk Now)
Igbo Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Igbo Business (Talk the Business)
Igbo Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Ilokano Beginners (Talk Now)
Indonesian Beginners (Talk Now)
Indonesian Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Indonesian Business (Talk the Business)
Indonesian Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Irish Beginners (Talk Now)
Irish Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Irish Business (Talk the Business)
Irish Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Italian Beginners (Talk Now)
Italian Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Italian Business (Talk the Business)
Italian Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Japanese Beginners (Talk Now)
Japanese Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Japanese Business (Talk the Business)
Japanese Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Javanese Beginners (Talk Now)
Jèrriais Beginners (Talk Now)
Kachchi Beginners (Talk Now)
Kannada Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Kazakh Beginners (Talk Now)
Kazakh Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Kazakh Business (Talk the Business)
Kazakh Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Khmer Beginners (Talk Now)
Khmer Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Khmer Business (Talk the Business)
Khmer Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Kinyarwanda (Rwanda) Beginners (Talk Now)
Kirghiz Beginners (Talk Now)
Klingon Beginners (Talk Now)
Korean Beginners (Talk Now)
Korean Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Korean Business (Talk the Business)
Korean Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Kurdish (Kurmanji) Beginners (Talk Now)
Kurdish Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Lao Beginners (Talk Now)
Latin American Spanish Beginners (Talk Now)
Latin American Spanish Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Latin American Spanish Business (Talk the Business)
Latin American Spanish Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Latin Beginners (Talk Now)
Latvian Beginners (Talk Now)
Latvian Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Latvian Business (Talk the Business)
Latvian Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Lingala Beginners (Talk Now)
Lithuanian Beginners (Talk Now)
Lithuanian Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Lithuanian Business (Talk the Business)
Lithuanian Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Luganda Beginners (Talk Now)
Luxembourgish Beginners (Talk Now)
Luxembourgish Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Luxembourgish Business (Talk the Business)
Luxembourgish Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Macedonian Beginners (Talk Now)
Macedonian Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Macedonian Business (Talk the Business)
Macedonian Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Malagasy Beginners (Talk Now)
Malay Beginners (Talk Now)
Malay Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Malay Business (Talk the Business)
Malay Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Malayalam Beginners (Talk Now)
Malayalam Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Maltese Beginners (Talk Now)
Maltese Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Maltese Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Manx Beginners (Talk Now)
Manx Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Manx Business (Talk the Business)
Manx Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Maori Beginners (Talk Now)
Maori Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Maori Business (Talk the Business)
Maori Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Marathi Beginners (Talk Now)
Marathi Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Mongolian Beginners (Talk Now)
Moroccan Arabic Beginners (Talk Now)
Navajo Beginners (Talk Now)
Nepali Beginners (Talk Now)
Nepali Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Norwegian Beginners (Talk Now)
Norwegian Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Norwegian Business (Talk the Business)
Norwegian Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Occitan Beginners (Talk Now)
Oriya Beginners (Talk Now)
Oromo Beginners (Talk Now)
Papiamento Beginners (Talk Now)
Papiamento Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Papiamento Business (Talk the Business)
Papiamento Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Pashto Beginners (Talk Now)
Pashto Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Pashto Business (Talk the Business)
Pashto Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Persian Beginners (Talk Now)
Persian Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Persian Business (Talk the Business)
Persian Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Pidgin Beginners (Talk Now)
Polish Beginners (Talk Now)
Polish Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Polish Business (Talk the Business)
Polish Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Portuguese Beginners (Talk Now)
Portuguese Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Portuguese Business (Talk the Business)
Portuguese Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Provencal Beginners (Talk Now)
Punjabi Beginners (Talk Now)
Punjabi Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Punjabi Business (Talk the Business)
Punjabi Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Quechua Beginners (Talk Now)
Quechua Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Quechua Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Romanian Beginners (Talk Now)
Romanian Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Romanian Business (Talk the Business)
Romanian Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Romansh Beginners (Talk Now)
Russian Beginners (Talk Now)
Russian Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Russian Business (Talk the Business)
Russian Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Saami Beginners (Talk Now)
Samoan Beginners (Talk Now)
Sardinian Beginners (Talk Now)
Scottish Gaelic Beginners (Talk Now)
Scottish Gaelic Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Scottish Gaelic Business (Talk the Business)
Scottish Gaelic Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Serbian Beginners (Talk Now)
Serbian Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Serbian Business (Talk the Business)
Serbian Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Sesotho (Southern) Beginners (Talk Now)
Sesotho (Southern) Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Sesotho (Southern) Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Shona Beginners (Talk Now)
Shona Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Shona Business (Talk the Business)
Shona Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Sicilian Beginners (Talk Now)
Sindhi Beginners (Talk Now)
Sinhala Beginners (Talk Now)
Sinhala Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Slovak Beginners (Talk Now)
Slovak Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Slovak Business (Talk the Business)
Slovak Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Slovenian Beginners (Talk Now)
Slovenian Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Slovenian Business (Talk the Business)
Slovenian Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Somali Beginners (Talk Now)
Spanish (Argentinian) Beginners (Talk Now)
Spanish Beginners (Talk Now)
Spanish Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Spanish Business (Talk the Business)
Spanish Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Swahili Beginners (Talk Now)
Swahili Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Swahili Business (Talk the Business)
Swahili Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Swedish Beginners (Talk Now)
Swedish Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Swedish Business (Talk the Business)
Swedish Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Swiss German Beginners (Talk Now)
Swiss German Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Swiss German Business (Talk the Business)
Swiss German Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Tagalog Beginners (Talk Now)
Tagalog Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Tagalog Business (Talk the Business)
Tagalog Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Tajiki Beginners (Talk Now)
Tamil Beginners (Talk Now)
Tamil Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Telugu Beginners (Talk Now)
Telugu Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Thai Beginners (Talk Now)
Thai Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Thai Business (Talk the Business)
Thai Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Tibetan Beginners (Talk Now)
Tigrinya Beginners (Talk Now)
Tswana Beginners (Talk Now)
Tswana Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Tswana Business (Talk the Business)
Tswana Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Turkish Beginners (Talk Now)
Turkish Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Turkish Business (Talk the Business)
Turkish Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Turkmen Beginners (Talk Now)
Ukrainian Beginners (Talk Now)
Ukrainian Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Ukrainian Business (Talk the Business)
Ukrainian Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Urdu Beginners (Talk Now)
Urdu Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Urdu Business (Talk the Business)
Urdu Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Uzbek Beginners (Talk Now)
Vietnamese Beginners (Talk Now)
Vietnamese Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Vietnamese Business (Talk the Business)
Vietnamese Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Welsh Beginners (Talk Now)
Welsh Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Welsh Business (Talk the Business)
Welsh Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Wolof Beginners (Talk Now)
Xhosa Beginners (Talk Now)
Xhosa Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Xhosa Business (Talk the Business)
Xhosa Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Yiddish Beginners (Talk Now)
Yoruba Beginners (Talk Now)
Yoruba Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Yoruba Business (Talk the Business)
Yoruba Intermediate (Talk the Talk)
Zulu Beginners (Talk Now)
Zulu Beginners Plus (Talk More)
Zulu Business (Talk the Business)
Zulu Intermediate (Talk the Talk)