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Health & Social Care

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TitlePublisherTraining TimeBase Price
Abuse Related to a Belief in WitchcraftMe Learning1 hour 30 minutes£ 15.00
Acute Coronary Syndromes (Diagnosis & Management)Charles Bloe Training3 Hours£ 21.00
Adult AsthmaCharles Bloe Training1 Hour£ 21.00
Adult Basic Life SupportCharles Bloe Training1 Hour£ 21.00
Anaphylaxis and Basic Life SupportCharles Bloe Training2 Hours£ 21.00
AphasiaMe Learning45 minutes£ 15.00
Applying through CESRMaguire Training24 Minutes£ 25.00
Appraisal for RevalidationMaguire Training53 Minutes£ 25.00
Arterial Blood Gas ABG InterpretationCharles Bloe Training3 Hours£ 21.00
Assessment and Approval of AdoptersMe Learning30 minutes£ 10.00
Assessment and Approval of Foster CarersMe Learning30 minutes£ 10.00
Atrial Fibrillation Stroke PreventionCharles Bloe Training2 Hours£ 21.00
Autism AwarenessMe Learning60 minutes£ 20.00
Basic Life SupportMe Learning60 minutes£ 25.00
Basic Life Support - for Health and Social CareMe Learning60 minutes£ 25.00
Cardiac PacemakersCharles Bloe Training2 Hours£ 21.00
Care CertificateeLearning For You£ 35.00
Care Certificate Assessor TrainingMe Learning1 hour 30 minutes£ 30.00
Care Certificate ScotlandeLearning For You£ 10.00
Child Protection - Level 1Artemis£ 15.00
Child Sexual ExploitationArtemis£ 15.00
Child Sexual Exploitation (Level 1)Me Learning3 hours£ 20.00
Child Sexual Exploitation (Level 2)Me Learning1 hour 30 minutes£ 15.00
ChlamydiaCharles Bloe Training1 Hour£ 21.00
Chronic Heart FailureCharles Bloe Training2 Hours£ 21.00
Common Assessment Framework (CAF or Early Help)Me Learning60 minutes£ 10.00
Core Cardiac Education Programme Unit 1 Underpinning knowledgeCharles Bloe Training2 Hours£ 21.00
Core Cardiac Education Programme Unit 2 Cardiac ConditionsCharles Bloe Training2 Hours£ 21.00
Core Cardiac Education Programme Unit 3 Cardiac AssessmentCharles Bloe Training2 Hours£ 21.00
Core Cardiac Education Programme Unit 4 CommunicationCharles Bloe Training2 Hours£ 21.00
Core Cardiac Education Programme Unit 5 Cardiac Risk Reduction, Rehabilitation and Care DeliveryCharles Bloe Training2 Hours£ 21.00
Cystitis in womenCharles Bloe Training1 Hour£ 21.00
DementiaeLearning For You£ 10.00
Dementia AwarenessMe Learning45 minutes£ 15.00
Deprivation of Liberty SafeguardsMe Learning1 hour 20 minutes£ 10.00
Diabetes AwarenessMe Learning1 hour 30 minutes£ 20.00
Domestic AbuseMe Learning1 hour 30 minutes£ 15.00
Domestic Violence and AbuseArtemis£ 15.00
Drug Calculations - Avoiding ErrorsCharles Bloe Training2 Hours£ 21.00
Duty of Care - for Health and Social CareMe Learning30 minutes£ 10.00
E-portfolio and ReflectionMaguire Training28 Minutes£ 25.00
E-Safety - Risks to ChildrenMe Learning30 minutes£ 10.00
E-Safety for Parents and CarersMe Learning30 minutes£ 10.00
Early Warning Scoring and Pulse OximetryCharles Bloe Training1 Hour£ 21.00
Eating DisordersMe Learning60 minutes£ 20.00
Effective Communication - for Health and Social CareMe Learning30 minutes£ 10.00
Effective Communication with Children and FamiliesMe Learning60 minutes£ 10.00
Emergency ContraceptionCharles Bloe Training1 Hour£ 21.00
Emotional Wellbeing and Risky BehavioursArtemis£ 15.00
Epilepsy AwarenessMe Learning30 minutes£ 10.00
Erectile Dysfunction and Coronary Artery DiseaseCharles Bloe Training1 Hour£ 21.00
Erectile Dysfunction EssentialsCharles Bloe Training1 Hour£ 21.00
Falls and Fracture Prevention in the ElderlyMe Learning45 minutes£ 15.00
Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)Me Learning2 hours£ 15.00
Fluids and Nutrition - for Health and Social CareMe Learning60 minutes£ 15.00
Food HygieneCharles Bloe Training2 Hours£ 21.00
Framework for AssessmentsMe Learning30 minutes£ 10.00
Gangs and Youth ViolenceMe Learning1 Hour£ 20.00
Handling Information - for Health and Social CareMe Learning30 minutes£ 10.00
Hate CrimeMe Learning30 minutes£ 15.00
Hay FeverCharles Bloe Training1 Hour£ 21.00
Hepatitis ACharles Bloe Training1 Hour£ 21.00
Hepatitis BCharles Bloe Training1 Hour£ 21.00
Hidden HarmMe Learning2 hours£ 30.00
Honour Based Violence and Forced MarriageMe Learning2 hours 30 minutes£ 15.00
Inclusive, Cohesive & Safe FE Colleges (Prevent Duty)Marshall ACM60 Minutes£ 20.00
Infection Prevention and Control - for Health and Social CareMe Learning30 minutes£ 10.00
InfluenzaCharles Bloe Training1 Hour£ 21.00
Information Sharing and Consent - for People Working with ChildrenMe Learning1 hour 20 minutes£ 10.00
Integrated WorkingArtemis£ 15.00
Keeping Good RecordsMe Learning45 minutes£ 10.00
Lead Professional IntroductionMe Learning45 minutes£ 10.00
Loss and BereavementMe Learning45 minutes£ 15.00
Making Every Contact Count - Addressing Loneliness and IsolationMe Learning15 minutes£ 10.00
Making Every Contact Count - Supporting Winter WarmthMe Learning15 minutes£ 10.00
MalariaCharles Bloe Training1 Hour£ 21.00
Managing Conflict - Childrens WorkforceMe Learning30 minutes£ 10.00
Medical TerminologyTalk Medical Online£ 149.00
Medication Awareness and Safe Handling of MedicationMe Learning60 minutes£ 15.00
Mental Capacity Act 2005Me Learning2 hours£ 15.00
Mental Health, Dementia and Learning Disability - for Health & Social CareMe Learning1 hour 30 minutes£ 15.00
Motion SicknessCharles Bloe Training1 Hour£ 21.00
Multi-Agency WorkingMe Learning30 minutes£ 10.00
New and Expectant MothersMe Learning45 Minutes£ 15.00
NHS Continuing HealthcareMe Learning60 minutes£ 10.00
Palliative Care and End of Life CareMe Learning60 minutes£ 15.00
Parkinsons DiseaseMe Learning60 minutes£ 15.00
Pressure Ulcer PreventioneLearning For You£ 10.00
Privacy and Dignity - for Health and Social CareMe Learning30 minutes£ 10.00
Private FosteringMe Learning30 minutes£ 10.00
PsoriasisCharles Bloe Training1 Hour£ 21.00
RabiesCharles Bloe Training1 Hour£ 21.00
ReablementMe Learning45 minutes£ 10.00
Revaxis VaccineCharles Bloe Training£ 21.00
Safeguarding AdultsEngage in Learning60 Minutes£ 24.00
Safeguarding Adultse-learning WMB40 Minutes£ 23.00
Safeguarding Adults (Awareness) - for Health and Social CareMe Learning1 hour 30 minutes£ 15.00
Safeguarding Adults (Level 1)Me Learning2 hours£ 20.00
Safeguarding Adults (Level 2)Me Learning2 hours£ 15.00
Safeguarding Against Radicalisation - The Prevent DutyMe Learning60 minutes£ 20.00
Safeguarding AwarenessMe Learning60 minutes£ 20.00
Safeguarding Awareness - for Higher EducationMe Learning60 minutes£ 20.00
Safeguarding ChildrenEngage in Learning26 Minutes£ 24.00
Safeguarding Childrene-learning WMB40 Minutes£ 23.00
Safeguarding Children Level 2Me Learning2 Hours 30 Minutes£ 20.00
Safeguarding Children (Awareness) - for Health and Social CareMe Learning60 minutes£ 15.00
Safeguarding Children (Level 1)Me Learning2 hours£ 20.00
Safeguarding Children (Level 1) - for EducationMe Learning2 hours£ 20.00
Safeguarding Children (Level 1) - for HealthMe Learning2 hours£ 20.00
Safeguarding Children (Level 2) - for EducationMe Learning2 Hours£ 10.00
Safeguarding Children (Level 2) - for HealthMe Learning2 hours£ 10.00
Safeguarding Children in SportMe Learning30 minutes£ 10.00
Safeguarding Children with DisabilitiesMe Learning30 minutes£ 10.00
Safeguarding Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults, Level 1 & 2NS Professionals2 hours£ 25.00
Safeguarding in Higher EducationMarshall ACM20 Minutes£ 20.00
Safeguarding: BullyingMe Learning30 minutes£ 10.00
Safeguarding: Emotional AbuseMe Learning30 minutes£ 10.00
Safeguarding: NeglectMe Learning30 minutes£ 10.00
Safeguarding: Physical AbuseMe Learning30 minutes£ 10.00
Safer RecruitmentMe Learning2 hours£ 30.00
Self-HarmMe Learning30 minutes£ 15.00
Sexual Abuse and Recognising GroomingMe Learning60 minutes£ 10.00
Skin AntisepsisCharles Bloe Training2 Hours£ 21.00
Stable AnginaCharles Bloe Training3 Hours£ 21.00
Stroke AwarenessMe Learning60 minutes£ 15.00
Substance MisuseMe Learning60 minutes£ 10.00
Team Building within Multi-Disciplinary TeamsMaguire Training42 Minutes£ 25.00
Teenage PregnancyMe Learning45 minutes£ 20.00
The Care Act - Assessment and EligibilityMe Learning2 hours£ 15.00
The Care Act - Care and Support PlanningMe Learning60 minutes£ 20.00
The Care Act - Charging and Financial AssessmentMe Learning60 minutes£ 15.00
The Care Act - Deferred PaymentsMe Learning60 minutes£ 15.00
The Care Act - Direct PaymentsMe Learning60 minutes£ 15.00
The Care Act - Independent AdvocacyMe Learning60 minutes£ 15.00
The Chest X-Ray DemystifiedCharles Bloe Training2 Hours£ 21.00
The Children's Workforce Induction ProgrammeArtemis£ 15.00
Travellers DiarrhoeaCharles Bloe Training1 Hour£ 21.00
Treatment AdherenceCharles Bloe Training£ 21.00
Typhoid FeverCharles Bloe Training1 Hour£ 21.00
Understanding BehaviourMe Learning30 minutes£ 10.00
Understanding Child AttachmentArtemis£ 15.00
Vaccination Programme with Basic Life Support & AnaphylaxisCharles Bloe Training£ 21.00
Working with Children and Young People with DisabilitiesArtemis£ 15.00
Working with Families - A framework for good practiceArtemis£ 15.00
Working with ParentsArtemis£ 15.00
Yellow FeverCharles Bloe Training1 Hour£ 21.00