Since 1999, Maguire has developed learning interventions based on ‘The Pathway to Excellence’ philosophy and this approach demands that training should not be merely about course delivery, but measureable outcomes. These outcomes hinge on the ability to inspire individuals to deliver high levels of performance. Our vision is to deliver effective learning for every client and we do this through a range of methodologies.

All courses
Accurate Forecasting
An Examination of Different Leadership Models
An Examination of Team Roles and Behaviour
An Introduction to Resilience
Anti Money Laundering & Fraud Awareness for FCA Regulated Firms
Applying through CESR
Appraisal for Revalidation
Assertive Vs Aggressive Behaviour
Building Rapport Quickly
Can Do Attitude - Championing Business Change
Closing the Sale
Coaching Using The Grow Model
Consultative Selling
Creating a Positive Climate
Creative Problem Solving
Decision Making Strategies
Developing Confidence & Energy in Presentations
Developing your own Leadership Style
Discipline and Grievance
Driving the Change Process - Navigating Change
E-portfolio and Reflection
Effective Time Management
Environmental Awareness
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
Essential Marketing
Excellent Customer Service
Gaining Agreement & Commitment
Giving Constructive Feedback
Handling Difficult People/Situations
Health & Safety - The Basics
Health & Safety For Home Workers
Health & Safety For Lone Workers
How Teams are Formed
How To Mentor Effectively
Identify Learning Styles
Identifying Development & Training for your Team
Implementing Marketing Strategy
Influencing Strategies
Interviewing Skills
Introduction to COSHH
Introduction to Fire Safety
Introduction to Manual Handling
Introduction to Risk Assessments
KPI's and Individual & Team Performance Assessment
Making Dynamic Presentations
Making Meetings Work
Making Sales Appointments
Managing Accounts for Growth
Managing Conflict
Managing Customer Relationships
Managing Good/Poor Performance
Managing Sales Meetings
Managing Sales Team Meetings
Maximising Incoming Business
Moving from Colleague to Manager
Negotiation Skills for Buyers
Negotiation Strategies
Non - Verbal Communication
Online Marketing - The Basics
Opening the Sale
Overcoming Objections
Preparing to Write your Budget
Presentation Preparation and Structure
Problem Solving Models
Project Management Essentials
Questioning & Listening Skills
Sales, Time and Territory Management
Selling Features and Benefits
Selling into the Future
Selling to Different Personality Types
Selling To Multiple Decision Makers
Setting Objectives
Slips, Trips and Falls
Strategic Analysis - SWOT & PESTLE
Team Building within Multi-Disciplinary Teams
Telephone Techniques
The 'Art' of Delegation
The Power of Persuasion - Making Your Case!
The Preparation & Structure of Negotiaton
The Psychology of Negotiation
The Recruiment Process
The Role and Responsibility of the Manager
The Role and Responsibility of the Team Leader
Theories of Motivation
Time, Task and Planning Skills
Understanding Different Personality Types
Understanding Profit, Cash Flow and the Balance Sheet
Understanding the Nature & Behaviour of Costs
Understanding Your Market & Clients
Unlocking Your Potential
Using Diffferent Communication Styles
Using NLP in Communication
Using NLP in Sales
Using Persuasive Language in Presentations
Using Powerful Sales Language
Why Teams Succeed or Fail
Winning New Business
Writing Sales Proposals