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TitlePublisherBase Price
Act SMART - Set objectives that take you placesWalkGrove 9.00
Active ListeningMicroLearn 9.00
Active Listening - Become a Better Communicator100% Effective£ 10.00
Adapting to other people to communicate more effectively. Part ACegos£ 30.00
Adapting to other people to communicate more effectively. Part BCegos£ 30.00
Advanced Communication SkillsMTD Training 9.00
Application FormsLearndirect 15.00
Applying for Universal Credite-learning WMB£ 23.00
Asking The Right QuestionsMicroLearn 9.00
Assert Yourself - How to communicate effectivelySkillBoosters 15.00
Assert yourself - Stand up for your own needs and opinionsWalkGrove 9.00
Assertive Vs Aggressive BehaviourMaguire Training 25.00
Assertiveness : toolkit. Part ACegos£ 30.00
Assertiveness : toolkit. Part BCegos£ 30.00
Assertiveness: know your profile. Part ACegos£ 30.00
Assertiveness: know your profile. Part BCegos£ 30.00
AttitudeLearndirect 15.00
Bespoke Business Documentse-learning WMB£ 23.00
Body LanguageMicroLearn 9.00
Building Rapport QuicklyMaguire Training 25.00
Building Trust and RespectVado 21.00
Building Your CareerVado 21.00
Building Your Personal Brand - Stand Out with a Strong Personal Brand100% Effective£ 10.00
Bullying and harassment - effective interventionsSkillBoosters 15.00
Business WritingFiltered£ 36.00
Chair in control - The key to chairing effective meetingsWalkGrove 9.00
Chair Lead and Manage Meetingse-learning WMB£ 23.00
Clarifying and managing your priorities. Part ACegos£ 30.00
Clarifying and managing your priorities. Part BCegos£ 30.00
Communicating with Emotional IntelligenceMicroLearn 9.00
Communicating with OthersVado 21.00
Communication PackLearn iT! Anytime 15.00
Communication SkillsLearndirect 15.00
Communication Skills for ManagersVado 21.00
Communication, Influence and TeamsFiltered£ 36.00
ConfidenceMicroLearn 9.00
Conflict ManagementCPL Online£ 20.00
Conflict Management SkillsVado 21.00
Considering how you spend your timeCegos£ 30.00
Controlling your emotionsCegos£ 30.00
Convincing customers with a winning offerCegos£ 30.00
Creating an environment based on RespectSkillBoosters 15.00
CreativityMicroLearn 9.00
Cultural Awareness in the WorkplaceSkillBoosters 15.00
Dealing with Grievance Issuese-learning WMB£ 23.00
Dealing with Performance Issuese-learning WMB£ 23.00
Dealing with Sensitive issuesSkillBoosters 15.00
Dealing With StressMicroLearn 9.00
Dealing with time-consuming tasks. Part ACegos£ 30.00
Dealing with time-consuming tasks. Part BCegos£ 30.00
Decision Making PackLearn iT! Anytime 15.00
Developing an interpersonal communication strategyCegos£ 30.00
Developing for SuccessVado 21.00
Developing Leadership Skills - How to manage people effectivelySkillBoosters 15.00
Developing Work RelationshipsVado 21.00
Developing Your SkillsVado 21.00
Digital Etiquette and Citizenshipe-learning WMB£ 23.00
Effective Business WritingJenison£ 15.00
Effective Communicatione-learning WMB£ 23.00
Effective CopywritingFiltered£ 36.00
Effective MeetingsMicroLearn 9.00
Effective Meetings - Say Goodbye to Boring Meetings100% Effective£ 10.00
Effective Time ManagementMaguire Training 25.00
Effective Time ManagementCPL Online£ 20.00
Effective Time ManagementMTD Training 9.00
Effective WritingMicroLearn 9.00
Effective WritingJenison£ 15.00
Email EtiquetteMicroLearn 9.00
Emotional IntelligenceMTD Training 9.00
EmployabilityLearndirect 15.00
Essential Communication SkillsMTD Training 9.00
Everyday Energy ModuleMicroLearn 9.00
Expressing YourselfMicroLearn 9.00
Find your roleMicroLearn 9.00
Finding that JobLearndirect 15.00
Focusing on your prioritiesCegos£ 30.00
Functional Skills Maths (Bundle)e-learning WMB£ 69.00
Functional Skills Maths 2D Shapese-learning WMB£ 23.00
Functional Skills Maths 3D Shapese-learning WMB£ 23.00
Functional Skills Maths Chartse-learning WMB£ 23.00
Functional Skills Maths Datae-learning WMB£ 23.00
Functional Skills Maths Decimalse-learning WMB£ 23.00
Functional Skills Maths Fractionse-learning WMB£ 23.00
Functional Skills Maths Probabilitye-learning WMB£ 23.00
Functional Skills Maths Ratioe-learning WMB£ 23.00
Functional Skills Maths Scalee-learning WMB£ 23.00
Get InformedLearndirect 15.00
Get That Job - A practical guide to the job search processSkillBoosters 15.00
Giving Constructive FeedbackMaguire Training 25.00
Great ConversationsMicroLearn 9.00
Handling difficult conversationsSkillBoosters 15.00
Handling stressCegos£ 30.00
Harnessing different to boost effectivenessCegos£ 30.00
Head in the sand? - Tackling difficult conversationsWalkGrove 9.00
Healthy Lifestyles ShowLearndirect 15.00
Healthy LivingMicroLearn 9.00
How To Be AssertiveMicroLearn 9.00
I like talking to you - Building conversational skillsWalkGrove 9.00
Identify your communication stylesCegos£ 30.00
Impact and InfluencingMicroLearn 9.00
Improving Individual PerformanceJenison£ 15.00
Improving your memory - Part ACegos£ 30.00
Improving your memory - Part BCegos£ 30.00
Increasing Your Contribution at WorkVado 21.00
Increasing your productivity in a fast-paced worldCegos£ 30.00
Influencing Skills - Become Confident and Credible in your Ability to Influence100% Effective£ 10.00
Influencing StrategiesMaguire Training 25.00
Information SharingArtemis£ 15.00
Interview SkillsCPL Online£ 20.00
Interview TechniquesLearndirect 15.00
It's what you don't say - Understanding body languageWalkGrove 9.00
Knowing yourself better to communicate better. Part BCegos£ 30.00
Knowing yourself better to communicate better. Part ACegos£ 30.00
Letter WritingLearndirect 15.00
Level 2 Food SafetyNSA Food & Drink
Making Change Work For YouLearndirect 15.00
Making Teams Work - Valuing the skills of othersSkillBoosters 15.00
Managing and Reducing StressNimbleCourses 24.00
Managing EmotionsMicroLearn 9.00
Managing Good/Poor PerformanceMaguire Training 25.00
Managing Performancee-learning WMB£ 23.00
Managing Social Media in the WorkplaceSkillBoosters 15.00
Managing your time strategicallyCegos£ 30.00
Managing YourselfJenison£ 15.00
Managing Yourself EffectivelyJenison£ 15.00
Mental health in the workplace - overviewSkillBoosters 15.00
Mental health in the workplace: good practiceSkillBoosters 15.00
Mental Health ModuleMicroLearn 9.00
Mental Wellbeing and Mindfulnesse-learning WMB£ 23.00
Mindfulness at WorkFiltered£ 36.00
MindsetMicroLearn 9.00
Minutes matter - The art behind meaningful minutesWalkGrove 9.00
Money Management and Responsibilitiese-learning WMB£ 23.00
Motivation and ConfidenceLearndirect 15.00
Non - Verbal CommunicationMaguire Training 25.00
Not Enough HoursLearndirect 15.00
On the edge of their seats - Grab your audience's attention and keep itWalkGrove 9.00
Perfect Prep - PERFECT your preparation before your presentationWalkGrove 9.00
Performance Appraisal - Constructive staff feedback to help unlock individual potentialSkillBoosters 15.00
Personal AgilityMicroLearn 9.00
Personal Behaviors and ConductVado 21.00
Plan Me A Great PresentationYes Indeed 30.00
Plan Your Own DevelopmentJenison£ 15.00
Planning Your Own DevelopmentMicroLearn 9.00
Planning Your Report ModuleMicroLearn 9.00
Positive ThinkingMicroLearn 9.00
Preparing a Media Proposale-learning WMB£ 23.00
Presentation Skills - Overcoming Nerves and Presenting with Confidence100% Effective£ 10.00
Presenting DataMicroLearn 9.00
Presenting With ConfidenceMicroLearn 9.00
Problem Solving ModuleMicroLearn 9.00
Productivity PackLearn iT! Anytime 15.00
Promoting ParticipationArtemis£ 15.00
Public Relations Tools and Activitiese-learning WMB£ 23.00
Ready to CookLearndirect 15.00
Relating to your Customers - How to meet and exceed customer expectationsSkillBoosters 15.00
Report WritingJenison£ 15.00
ResilienceMicroLearn 9.00
Safe as HousesLearndirect 15.00
Scriptwriting for e-Learninge-learning WMB£ 23.00
Seal the deal - improve your negotiating skillsWalkGrove 9.00
Self-Esteem and Assertiveness - Boost your Confidence in the Workplace100% Effective£ 10.00
Sexual Orientation - Respecting lesbian, gay and bisexual people in the workplaceSkillBoosters 15.00
Smarter CommunicationJenison£ 15.00
Social Media and Journalisme-learning WMB£ 23.00
Spelling and Punctuation ModuleMicroLearn 9.00
Stakeholder Analysis - Influence and Engage with Key Decision Makers100% Effective£ 50.00
Starting a New JobVado 21.00
Storyboarding for Media Creatione-learning WMB£ 23.00
Stresse-learning WMB£ 23.00
Successfully adapting your messageCegos£ 30.00
SustainabilityJenison£ 15.00
Sway this way - understand and improve you influencing skillsWalkGrove 9.00
Telephone Courtesye-learning WMB£ 23.00
Telephone MannerMicroLearn 9.00
The 12 guidelines of effective time managementCegos£ 30.00
The art of persuading through listening. Part ACegos£ 30.00
The art of persuading through listening. Part BCegos£ 30.00
The English Sentence ModuleMicroLearn 9.00
The impact of micro-behavioursSkillBoosters 15.00
The Power of Persuasion - Making Your Case!Maguire Training 25.00
The Resilient Mindset - Face the future with confidenceSkillBoosters 15.00
The three pillars of interpersonal excellenceCegos£ 30.00
The Write Way - How to write effective correspondence and other documentsSkillBoosters 15.00
Theories of MotivationMaguire Training 25.00
Three routes to good communicationCegos£ 30.00
Time ManagementMicroLearn 9.00
Time Managemente-learning WMB£ 23.00
Time ManagementJenison£ 15.00
Time, Task and Planning SkillsMaguire Training 25.00
Tips for the IntervieweeMicroLearn 9.00
Tug of war - coping with resistanceWalkGrove 9.00
Two ears; one mouth - Developing your listening skillsWalkGrove 9.00
Types of problem behaviourSkillBoosters 15.00
Under Pressure - Successfully coping with stressSkillBoosters 15.00
Understand how you deal with stressCegos£ 30.00
Understanding Different Personality TypesMaguire Training 25.00
Understanding problem behaviourSkillBoosters 15.00
Universal Credit Children and Childcaree-learning WMB£ 23.00
Universal Credit Health Conditions and Disabilitiese-learning WMB£ 23.00
Universal Credit Housinge-learning WMB£ 23.00
Universal Credit How Do I Claime-learning WMB£ 23.00
Universal Credit Self Employmente-learning WMB£ 23.00
Universal Credit Workinge-learning WMB£ 23.00
Unlocking Your PotentialMaguire Training 25.00
Unstoppable CreativityYes Indeed 30.00
Using Diffferent Communication StylesMaguire Training 25.00
Using NLP in CommunicationMaguire Training 25.00
Using Social Media in the WorkplaceSkillBoosters 15.00
Value and PurposeMicroLearn 9.00
Virtual Meetings: Deliver Like A ProYes Indeed 30.00
Weekly WellbeingFiltered£ 36.00
What first? - The art of prioritisationWalkGrove 9.00
What is Universal Credite-learning WMB£ 23.00
Whats Not Being SaidMicroLearn 9.00
Where did the day go? - Recognise what wastes your timeWalkGrove 9.00
Working with Others (skills for employment)Learndirect 15.00
Workplace WellbeingMe Learning 20.00
WorkwiseLearndirect 15.00
Writing a CVLearndirect 15.00
Writing a Good Storye-learning WMB£ 23.00
Writing an Effective Press Releasee-learning WMB£ 23.00
Writing techniquesCegos£ 30.00
Writing to Get Things Done ToolkitVado 40.00
Writing Your Report ModuleMicroLearn 9.00
You and Your BossVado 21.00
Your Place - Your CommunityLearndirect 15.00
TitlePublisherTraining TimeBase Price
Digital Etiquette and Citizenshipe-learning WMB35 Minutes£ 23.00
Time Managemente-learning WMB40 Minutes£ 23.00
TitlePublisherTraining TimeBase Price
Improving Individual PerformanceJenison4 Hours£ 15.00
Managing Yourself EffectivelyJenison3.5 Hours£ 15.00
Managing YourselfJenison2 Hours£ 15.00
Plan Your Own DevelopmentJenison2 Hours£ 15.00
SustainabilityJenison20 Minutes£ 15.00
Time ManagementJenison2 Hours£ 15.00