Our courses focus on enhancing performance by developing individuals' knowledge, competencies and skills. Our titles are now used by many leading commercial, governmental, educational and charitable organsiations.

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TitleTraining TimeBase Price
Age: Realising the Benefits of a an age-diverse workforce1 hour£ 15.00
Assert Yourself - How to communicate effectively1 hour 15 minutes£ 15.00
Bullying and harassment - effective interventions£ 15.00
Challenging Behaviour£ 15.00
Creating an environment based on Respect£ 15.00
Cultural Awareness in the Workplace£ 15.00
Dealing with Sensitive issues£ 15.00
Developing Leadership Skills - How to manage people effectively£ 15.00
Disability Confident - Working with disabled customers and colleagues£ 15.00
Equality Essentials1 hour£ 15.00
Equality Impact Assessment - Advanced Level1 hour 30 minutes£ 15.00
Equality Impact Assessment - Foundation Level30 minutes£ 15.00
Gender Matters - Creating an inclusive workplace for both men and women£ 15.00
Get That Job - A practical guide to the job search process2 hours£ 15.00
Handling difficult conversations1 hour£ 15.00
Making Teams Work - Valuing the skills of others1-2 hours£ 15.00
Managing Social Media in the Workplace1 hour£ 15.00
Maternity and Paternity - The Management Guide1 hour£ 15.00
Mental health in the workplace - overview£ 15.00
Mental health in the workplace: good practice£ 15.00
Performance Appraisal - Constructive staff feedback to help unlock individual potential1-2 hours£ 15.00
Race - Creating an inclusive workplace1 Hour 30 Minutes£ 15.00
Relating to your Customers - How to meet and exceed customer expectations£ 15.00
Religion and Belief - Respecting and accommodating faith and belief in the workplace£ 15.00
Sexual Orientation - Respecting lesbian, gay and bisexual people in the workplace£ 15.00
Sexual Orientation - Respecting lesbian, gay and bisexual people in the workplace£ 15.00
Six Steps To Productive Meetings30 Minutes£ 15.00
The Diversity Challenge - Maximising the potential of our diverse workforce£ 15.00
The impact of micro-behaviours£ 15.00
The Inclusive Workplace - Multiple training needs, one solution2 hours£ 15.00
The Resilient Mindset - Face the future with confidence1 hour£ 15.00
The Trans-Friendly Workplace: A Guide For Managers30 Minutes£ 15.00
The Write Way - How to write effective correspondence and other documents2 hours 15 minutes£ 15.00
Transgender Awareness30 Minutes£ 15.00
Understanding and Tackling Gender Bias At Work30 Minutes£ 15.00
Understanding unconscious bias1 Hour 30 Minutes£ 15.00