All courses
TitleTraining TimeBase Price
Age Discrimination40 minutes£ 15.00
Application Forms40 minutes£ 15.00
Attitude1 hour£ 15.00
Being competitive - stand out from the crowd2 hours£ 15.00
Briefing the Team3 hours£ 15.00
Building relationships - aim to exceed expectations2 hours£ 15.00
Building Relationships with Customers2 hours£ 15.00
Communication Skills1 hour£ 15.00
Complaint procedures - a structure for solutions2 hours£ 15.00
Creating a Good First Impression2 hours£ 15.00
Creating and Designing Documents1 hour£ 15.00
Dealing with problems3 hours£ 15.00
Developing and Improving Your Own Performance1 hour£ 15.00
Developing Your Administration Skills1 hour£ 15.00
Developing Your Customer Service Performance2 hours£ 15.00
Developing yourself3 hours£ 15.00
Difficult Customers - a guide to dealing with problems2 hours£ 15.00
Digital Mentoring2 Hours£ 15.00
Effective Communication3 hours£ 15.00
Effective Communication1 hour£ 15.00
Effective Communication - Dealing with customers in Writing2 hours£ 15.00
Effective Teamworking1 hour£ 15.00
Employability1 hour£ 15.00
Employment Law 20063 hrs£ 15.00
Finding that Job25 minutes£ 15.00
Fire safety30 minutes£ 15.00
Get Informed1 hour£ 15.00
Giving Effective Presentations1 hour£ 15.00
Giving Good Customer Service2 hours£ 15.00
Healthy Lifestyles Show5 hours£ 15.00
Identifying and reducing risks to health and safety3 hours£ 15.00
Improving Your Body Language2 hours£ 15.00
Improving Your Verbal Communication Skills2 hours£ 15.00
Interview Techniques1 hour£ 15.00
Introduction to health and safety1 hour£ 15.00
Introduction to risk assessment25 minutes£ 15.00
Keeping Your Customers Happy1 hour£ 15.00
Letter Writing45 minutes£ 15.00
Making Change Work For You2 hours£ 15.00
Managing Creativity and Innovation in the Workplace£ 15.00
Managing Customer Data2 hours£ 15.00
Managing Information1 hour£ 15.00
Managing Performance for Team Leaders3 hours£ 15.00
Managing Successful Meetings1 hour£ 15.00
Manual handling25 minutes£ 15.00
Motivating the Team3 hours£ 15.00
Motivation and Confidence15 mins£ 15.00
Not Enough Hours5 hours£ 15.00
Organisation - the secret of successful service delivery2 hours£ 15.00
Organising yourself3 hours£ 15.00
Planning and Organising the Team's Work3 hours£ 15.00
Planning and Preparation1 hour£ 15.00
Preparing & Working to a Budget£ 15.00
Producing Documents to Agreed Standards1 hour£ 15.00
Promotion - the first step to reaching your customers2 hours£ 15.00
Ready to Cook1 hour£ 15.00
Reflection and development - continuing improvement2 hours£ 15.00
Respecting and Supporting Others1 hour£ 15.00
Role of the Team Leader3 hours£ 15.00
Rules and Regulations - a guide to your responsibilities2 hours£ 15.00
Safe as Houses1 hour£ 15.00
Solving Customer Service Problems2 hours£ 15.00
Steps To Success - Professional Customer Service Skills7 hrs£ 15.00
Taking Phone Calls2 hours£ 15.00
Team Structures3 hours£ 15.00
Understanding customer service - get the essentials2 hours£ 15.00
Understanding Your Organisation1 hour£ 15.00
Using Equipment and Resources1 hour£ 15.00
Working Effectively1 hour£ 15.00
Working in a Business Environment1 hour£ 15.00
Working Relationships3 hours£ 15.00
Working with Others1 hour£ 15.00
Working with Others1 hour£ 15.00
Working with others - a guide to making a difference2 hours£ 15.00
Workwise1 hour£ 15.00
Writing a CV1 hour£ 15.00
Writing and Analysing Reports1 hour£ 15.00
Your Place - Your Community2 hours£ 15.00