Pricing is simple, flexible and gives great value-for-money. See the two options below.

1. PAYG Pricing

Rather like a PAYG phone, you can top up your credit as and when you want. This offers you ultimate flexibility in buying whichever courses you want across the different publishers. Starting with a Trial package, there are four standard packages offering increasing levels of discount.

InvestmentPrice Band
£500 (Trial)Base Price

This pricing is best when you are more interested in using courses from a variety of publishers. If you find you are starting to use courses from just one publisher, then it’s easy to switch to Enrolment pricing for better pricing.

2. Enrolment Based Pricing

You buy the courses you want, when you want, without any long-term commitment. There is a base price for each publisher usually starting at only 25 enrolments. If you need a greater number of enrolments, then the more you order, the better the price.

It’s up to you which courses you choose and for how many employees since the number of enrolments you purchase applies to the total library of that publisher, not to just one of their courses.

This pricing is best when you only want courses from specific publishers. However, you can still pick and mix between publishers so long as you order the minimum enrolments per publisher.

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