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TitlePublisherBase Price
Act SMART - Set objectives that take you placesWalkGrove£ 9.00
Active ListeningMicroLearn£ 9.00
Active Listening - Become a Better Communicator100% Effective£ 30.00
Adapting to other people to communicate more effectively. Part ACegos£ 30.00
Adapting to other people to communicate more effectively. Part BCegos£ 30.00
Application FormsLearndirect£ 15.00
Asking The Right QuestionsMicroLearn£ 9.00
Assert Yourself - How to communicate effectivelySkillBoosters£ 15.00
Assert yourself - Stand up for your own needs and opinionsWalkGrove£ 9.00
Assertive Vs Aggressive BehaviourMaguire Training£ 25.00
Assertiveness : toolkit. Part ACegos£ 30.00
Assertiveness : toolkit. Part BCegos£ 30.00
Assertiveness: know your profile. Part ACegos£ 30.00
Assertiveness: know your profile. Part BCegos£ 30.00
AttitudeLearndirect£ 15.00
Body LanguageMicroLearn£ 9.00
Building Rapport QuicklyMaguire Training£ 25.00
Building Trust and RespectVado£ 21.00
Building Your CareerVado£ 21.00
Building Your Personal Brand - Stand Out with a Strong Personal Brand100% Effective£ 30.00
Bullying and harassment - effective interventionsSkillBoosters£ 15.00
Business WritingFiltered£ 36.00
Chair in control - The key to chairing effective meetingsWalkGrove£ 9.00
Clarifying and managing your priorities. Part ACegos£ 30.00
Clarifying and managing your priorities. Part BCegos£ 30.00
Communicating with OthersVado£ 21.00
Communication PackLearn iT! Anytime£ 15.00
Communication SkillsLearndirect£ 15.00
Communication Skills for ManagersVado£ 21.00
Communication, Influence and TeamsFiltered£ 36.00
ConfidenceMicroLearn£ 9.00
Conflict Management SkillsVado£ 21.00
Considering how you spend your timeCegos£ 30.00
Controlling your emotionsCegos£ 30.00
Convincing customers with a winning offerCegos£ 30.00
Creating an environment based on RespectSkillBoosters£ 15.00
Cultural Awareness in the WorkplaceSkillBoosters£ 15.00
Dealing with Grievance Issuese-learning WMB£ 23.00
Dealing with Performance Issuese-learning WMB£ 23.00
Dealing with Sensitive issuesSkillBoosters£ 15.00
Dealing With StressMicroLearn£ 9.00
Dealing with time-consuming tasks. Part ACegos£ 30.00
Dealing with time-consuming tasks. Part BCegos£ 30.00
Decision Making PackLearn iT! Anytime£ 15.00
Developing an interpersonal communication strategyCegos£ 30.00
Developing for SuccessVado£ 21.00
Developing Leadership Skills - How to manage people effectivelySkillBoosters£ 15.00
Developing Work RelationshipsVado£ 21.00
Developing Your SkillsVado£ 21.00
Effective Business WritingJenison£ 15.00
Effective CopywritingFiltered£ 36.00
Effective MeetingsMicroLearn£ 9.00
Effective Meetings - Say Goodbye to Boring Meetings100% Effective£ 30.00
Effective Time ManagementMaguire Training£ 25.00
Effective WritingMicroLearn£ 9.00
Effective WritingJenison£ 15.00
Email EtiquetteMicroLearn£ 9.00
EmployabilityLearndirect£ 15.00
Everyday Energy ModuleMicroLearn£ 9.00
Expressing YourselfMicroLearn£ 9.00
Find your roleMicroLearn£ 9.00
Finding that JobLearndirect£ 15.00
Focusing on your prioritiesCegos£ 30.00
Functional Skills Maths (Bundle)e-learning WMB£ 69.00
Functional Skills Maths 2D Shapese-learning WMB£ 23.00
Functional Skills Maths 3D Shapese-learning WMB£ 23.00
Functional Skills Maths Chartse-learning WMB£ 23.00
Functional Skills Maths Datae-learning WMB£ 23.00
Functional Skills Maths Decimalse-learning WMB£ 23.00
Functional Skills Maths Fractionse-learning WMB£ 23.00
Functional Skills Maths Probabilitye-learning WMB£ 23.00
Functional Skills Maths Ratioe-learning WMB£ 23.00
Functional Skills Maths Scalee-learning WMB£ 23.00
Get InformedLearndirect£ 15.00
Get That Job - A practical guide to the job search processSkillBoosters£ 15.00
Giving Constructive FeedbackMaguire Training£ 25.00
Handling difficult conversationsSkillBoosters£ 15.00
Handling stressCegos£ 30.00
Harnessing different to boost effectivenessCegos£ 30.00
Head in the sand? - Tackling difficult conversationsWalkGrove£ 9.00
Healthy Lifestyles ShowLearndirect£ 15.00
How To Be AssertiveMicroLearn£ 9.00
I like talking to you - Building conversational skillsWalkGrove£ 9.00
Identify your communication stylesCegos£ 30.00
Improving Individual PerformanceJenison£ 15.00
Improving your memory - Part ACegos£ 30.00
Improving your memory - Part BCegos£ 30.00
Increasing Your Contribution at WorkVado£ 21.00
Increasing your productivity in a fast-paced worldCegos£ 30.00
Influencing Skills - Become Confident and Credible in your Ability to Influence100% Effective£ 30.00
Influencing StrategiesMaguire Training£ 25.00
Information SharingArtemis£ 15.00
Interview SkillsCPL Online£ 20.00
Interview TechniquesLearndirect£ 15.00
It's what you don't say - Understanding body languageWalkGrove£ 9.00
Knowing yourself better to communicate better. Part BCegos£ 30.00
Knowing yourself better to communicate better. Part ACegos£ 30.00
Letter WritingLearndirect£ 15.00
Making Change Work For YouLearndirect£ 15.00
Making Teams Work - Valuing the skills of othersSkillBoosters£ 15.00
Managing and Reducing StressNimbleCourses£ 24.00
Managing Good/Poor PerformanceMaguire Training£ 25.00
Managing Performancee-learning WMB£ 23.00
Managing Social Media in the WorkplaceSkillBoosters£ 15.00
Managing your time strategicallyCegos£ 30.00
Managing YourselfJenison£ 15.00
Managing Yourself EffectivelyJenison£ 15.00
Mental health in the workplace - overviewSkillBoosters£ 15.00
Mental health in the workplace: good practiceSkillBoosters£ 15.00
Mental Health ModuleMicroLearn£ 9.00
Mental Wellbeing and Mindfulnesse-learning WMB£ 23.00
Mindfulness at WorkFiltered£ 36.00
Minutes matter - The art behind meaningful minutesWalkGrove£ 9.00
Motivation and ConfidenceLearndirect£ 15.00
Non - Verbal CommunicationMaguire Training£ 25.00
Not Enough HoursLearndirect£ 15.00
On the edge of their seats - Grab your audience's attention and keep itWalkGrove£ 9.00
Perfect Prep - PERFECT your preparation before your presentationWalkGrove£ 9.00
Performance Appraisal - Constructive staff feedback to help unlock individual potentialSkillBoosters£ 15.00
Personal Behaviors and ConductVado£ 21.00
Plan Me A Great PresentationYes Indeed£ 30.00
Plan Your Own DevelopmentJenison£ 15.00
Planning Your Own DevelopmentMicroLearn£ 9.00
Planning Your Report ModuleMicroLearn£ 9.00
Presentation Skills - Overcoming Nerves and Presenting with Confidence100% Effective£ 30.00
Presenting With ConfidenceMicroLearn£ 9.00
Problem Solving ModuleMicroLearn£ 9.00
Productivity PackLearn iT! Anytime£ 15.00
Promoting ParticipationArtemis£ 15.00
Ready to CookLearndirect£ 15.00
Relating to your Customers - How to meet and exceed customer expectationsSkillBoosters£ 15.00
Report WritingJenison£ 15.00
Safe as HousesLearndirect£ 15.00
Seal the deal - improve your negotiating skillsWalkGrove£ 9.00
Self-Esteem and Assertiveness - Boost your Confidence in the Workplace100% Effective£ 30.00
Sexual Orientation - Respecting lesbian, gay and bisexual people in the workplaceSkillBoosters£ 15.00
Smarter CommunicationJenison£ 15.00
Spelling and Punctuation ModuleMicroLearn£ 9.00
Stakeholder Analysis - Influence and Engage with Key Decision Makers100% Effective£ 30.00
Starting a New JobVado£ 21.00
Stresse-learning WMB£ 23.00
Successfully adapting your messageCegos£ 30.00
SustainabilityJenison£ 15.00
Sway this way - understand and improve you influencing skillsWalkGrove£ 9.00
Telephone MannerMicroLearn£ 9.00
The 12 guidelines of effective time managementCegos£ 30.00
The art of persuading through listening. Part ACegos£ 30.00
The art of persuading through listening. Part BCegos£ 30.00
The English Sentence ModuleMicroLearn£ 9.00
The impact of micro-behavioursSkillBoosters£ 15.00
The Power of Persuasion - Making Your Case!Maguire Training£ 25.00
The Resilient Mindset - Face the future with confidenceSkillBoosters£ 15.00
The three pillars of interpersonal excellenceCegos£ 30.00
The Write Way - How to write effective correspondence and other documentsSkillBoosters£ 15.00
Theories of MotivationMaguire Training£ 25.00
Three routes to good communicationCegos£ 30.00
Time ManagementMicroLearn£ 9.00
Time Managemente-learning WMB£ 23.00
Time ManagementJenison£ 15.00
Time, Task and Planning SkillsMaguire Training£ 25.00
Tug of war - coping with resistanceWalkGrove£ 9.00
Two ears; one mouth - Developing your listening skillsWalkGrove£ 9.00
Types of problem behaviourSkillBoosters£ 15.00
Under Pressure - Successfully coping with stressSkillBoosters£ 15.00
Understand how you deal with stressCegos£ 30.00
Understanding Different Personality TypesMaguire Training£ 25.00
Understanding problem behaviourSkillBoosters£ 15.00
Unlocking Your PotentialMaguire Training£ 25.00
Unstoppable CreativityYes Indeed£ 30.00
Using Diffferent Communication StylesMaguire Training£ 25.00
Using NLP in CommunicationMaguire Training£ 25.00
Using Social Media in the WorkplaceSkillBoosters£ 15.00
Virtual Meetings: Deliver Like A ProYes Indeed£ 30.00
Weekly WellbeingFiltered£ 36.00
What first? - The art of prioritisationWalkGrove£ 9.00
Whats Not Being SaidMicroLearn£ 9.00
Where did the day go? - Recognise what wastes your timeWalkGrove£ 9.00
Working with OthersLearndirect£ 15.00
Workplace WellbeingMe Learning£ 20.00
WorkwiseLearndirect£ 15.00
Writing a CVLearndirect£ 15.00
Writing techniquesCegos£ 30.00
Writing to Get Things Done ToolkitVado£ 40.00
Writing Your Report ModuleMicroLearn£ 9.00
You and Your BossVado£ 21.00
Your Place - Your CommunityLearndirect£ 15.00
TitlePublisherTraining TimeBase Price
Time Managemente-learning WMB£ 23.00
TitlePublisherTraining TimeBase Price
Improving Individual PerformanceJenison4 Hours£ 15.00
Managing Yourself EffectivelyJenison3.5 Hours£ 15.00
Managing YourselfJenison2 Hours£ 15.00
Plan Your Own DevelopmentJenison2 Hours£ 15.00
SustainabilityJenison20 Minutes£ 15.00
Time ManagementJenison2 Hours£ 15.00