HAZCOM Awareness (OSHA)

Course Description

Hazardous substances have the potential to cause harm to you, your equipment and the environment. They can take many different forms, and it is important to be able to recognize the hazards so you can control the risks. Hazardous substances can cause many health problems, ranging from a mild irritation through to permanent damage, or even death.In this course we look at ‘Hazard Communication, or HAZCOM, to reveal the potential health effects of exposure to hazardous substances and the need to ensure that this exposure is controlled within the workplace, and we will learn how to minimize the risks.


  • Define 'HAZCOM'.
  • List the key elements of HAZCOM.
  • Identify who HAZCOM applies to.
  • Explain the flow of information.
  • Describe how HAZCOM is standardized internationally.


30 minutes