Essentials of Equality & Diversity

Course Overview

Understand the meanings of the terms Equality and Diversity, their difference, and how they are covered by legislation. Ensure your approach and attitude help build a harmonious and diverse working environment for all.

Key Learning Points:

  • Meaning of Equality and Diversity
  • Regulations about Equality and Diversity
  • Avoid behavious that suggest unfair treatment
  • Consequences of not complying with the regulations
  • What to do when facing unfair treatment at work
  • Appreciate diversity and equality in the work place

Course Outcomes:

  • Understand the legislation which applies to different aspects of equality and diversity
  • Understand the meanings of equality and diversity and their differences
  • Understand the difference between indirect and direct discrimination, victimisation and harassment
  • Adopt the correct approach to your recruitment and promotion strategy
  • Appreciate the impact of language and attitude on your working relationships and how to ensure the appropriate approach

Target Audience

All employees