Manual Handling

Course at a glance

  • 10-15 mins
  • English

About the course

Incorrect manual handling is one of the most common causes of injury at work so it’s really important that you understand the common hazards associated with manual handling and learn how to minimise the risk of injury. The Manual Handling course will provide you with flexible and easy to use risk assessment tools as well as advice on correct lifting technique.  By applying the knowledge and skills you will learn during this course you can have the confidence to take responsibility for the safety of yourself and others whilst at work. 

Course Topics

  • Introduction; What is Manual Handling
  • Common Examples in the Workplace
  • Consequences of Getting Manual Handling Wrong
  • How to Correctly Assess Risk – Use the TILE Method
  • Correct Manual Handling – General Rules and Techniques
  • Moving Loads by Pushing and Pulling 

Who is it for?

Manual handling occurs in almost all working environments so the Manual Handling course is designed to cover a wide range of topics and is therefore ideal for complex organisations who may have both office and field staff. The course ensures all employees receive training that is appropriate to their needs.  

Course Format

Learn at your own pace during this exciting animated explainer course. The interactive course allows you to navigate the various sections which contain stories, activities and takeaways. You will also get the opportunity to test your knowledge with quiz questions at the end of the course.