Workplace Hygiene

Course at a glance

  • 5 mins
  • English

About the course

As employees click away at keyboards, touch door knobs, share copy machines, and more, it’s easy to see how office germs can spread quickly. This quick course take a look at some simple ways you can keep your own workplace clean and hygienic, and avoid those germs spreading.

Key Insights

  • Find out just how quickly germs can spread in your office
  • Take the desk top dirt test and find out what is lurking in your keyboard
  • In the battle of the sexes, who did a recent study find to be the ‘dirtiest’ when at work?
  • Learn to develop your own workplace hygiene emergency kit; containing the three golden rules to keep fit and well

Who is it for?close

The Health & Wellbeing course is ideal for all employees regardless of position or company level. 

Course Format

This bite sized course includes a short animated explainer video as well as practical steps employees can follow to stay healthy and happy at work.