Alcohol and Drugs at Work

Course at a glance

  • 10 mins
  • English

About the course

Alcohol and drugs at work do not mix. The company takes its responsibilities for the safety and welfare of its employees very seriously and this is why we have an alcohol and drugs policy. This course is designed as guidance and education to help you understand the policy. Take a few minutes to work through the different sections of this course and understand what the Alcohol and Drugs policy means to you.

Course Topics

  • Is it really that big a deal? Find out the real cost of alcohol and drug misuse at work
  • The legal position – what are the employer and employee responsibilities under law?
  • Why have a policy – find out why the alcohol and drugs policy exists
  • Your responsibilities under the policy
  • Your manager’s responsibilities under the policy
  • Where to get help – independent advice and support services

Who is it for?

The policy applies to all employees – and it is your responsibility to understand the policy. 

Course Format

Alcohol and drug misuse is not an easy topic to talk about – so navigate the different sections at your own pace, selecting the topics that sound interesting to you. The topics are explained using animated videos. During the employee responsibilities section, you are asked to confirm you understand your responsibilities.