Data Protection

Course at a glance

  • 5-10 mins
  • English

About the course

This online data protection course is designed to help businesses and individuals comply with the essential principles of the Data Protection Act 1998.

The course explains what is expected of people who handle personal data, including information on how to keep data secure, what to do if data is lost and how to handle subject access requests.

Course Topics

The course is divided into four accessible, interactive modules and includes an assessment at the end:

Trailer ‘start with the why’ – use this engaging trailer for the course to drive employee engagement and interest in the subject.

Introduction - background of data protection, key definitions from the Data Protection Act.

The Eight Principles of Data Protection – an explanation of each of the eight principles of the Data Protection Act.

Exemptions – details who is except from the Data Protection Act.

Who is it for?

This course is suitable for anyone who handles personal information, either through manual or computer-held records. The Data Protection Act applies to any business or individual that uses or holds personal data and there can be severe penalties if the legislation is not adhered to.

Course Format

This is an exciting bite sized animated explainer video with characterful voice over. The course is interactive providing delegates with fun challenges to ensure they retain the key learning objectives along with assessment at the end.