Sales Mastery (Bundle)

Course at a glance

  • 1 hours/1.5 hours
  • English

About the course

The course is packed full of practical tips, case studies and best practise examples that are guaranteed to improve your sales performance. You can watch the entire course, or, because we know how busy life can be, you have the option to select particular skills you’d like to work on. Just think how different your job, career or financial success could be if this course helps you improve just one aspect of your selling performance!

Course Topics

  • Qualify Your Lead – Speak to the right person to get the sale.
  • Know Your USPs – What makes your product stand out and sets you apart from the rest.
  • Features, Advantages and Benefits – People buy benefits, not features or advantages.
  • Do Your Research - To be successful, you have to do your homework.
  • The Pitch - Keep your pitch focused, creative and centred on the audience.
  • Asking Questions – Sales people spend too much time pitching, and not enough time asking questions.
  • Closing – The importance of asking for the sale.
  • Silence – The power of silence is truly golden, give it a try.
  • Taking Notes – A simple act that can make a big difference in your sales.
  • Objection Handling – There’s no such thing as a ‘No’, just a ‘Not Now’! • Follow Up – Until they buy or until they die.
  • How to Influence – Cialdini’s six principles of influence. • Be Likeable – Are you always as happy as you can be about selling.
  • Use Humour – if you make them laugh, they might just buy!
  • Leave Something Behind – The rule of reciprocity.
  • Authority & Social Proof – People tend to obey authority figures, no matter the circumstances.
  • Scarcity – Convince people that they are missing out if they don’t act quickly.  
  • Commitment & Consistency – Get customers to make a small commitment to your service or product. 

Who is it for?

  • Anyone who works in sales (and let’s face it, who isn’t in sales!)
  • Anyone fed up with traditional boring sales books and courses
  • Anyone who wants to sell more and grow their wealth

Course Format

Learn at your own pace during this exciting animated explainer course. The interactive course allows you to navigate the various sections which contain stories, activities and takeaways. You can work through the entire course, or, because we know how busy life can be, you have the option to go straight to particular skills you’d like to work on.