Customer Loyalty

Course at a glance

  • 20 mins
  • English
  • Pass Rate: No Assessment

About the course

This is a short course full of stories, advice and simple steps that you can take to turn your customers into loyal fans.

Key Insights

Why is Customer Loyalty important? – Did you know if you can increase customer retention rates by just 5%, you can increase profits by a whopping 95%.

Turn Customers into Loyal Fans – Ditch the loyalty cards and treat customers like rock fans.

Tips to Create Loyal Fans - Creating loyal fans comes down to one thing: great customer service. Use our tips to increase customer loyalty.

Who is it for?

Managers seeking strategies to improve employee customer service skills.

Employees’ and representatives in customer support who want to understand the importance of customer loyalty.

Course Format

The course uses animated explainer videos to bring customer loyalty stories to life for the learner. The course ends with an actionable advice section, challenging learners to take what they’ve learned into their daily roles.