Business Report Writing Skills

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  • 20 mins
  • English

About the course

We want to save the world from boring business reports.

The chances are you’ve sat in a meeting, looking at your watch while someone droned on, presenting a long, convoluted report.

Worse still, maybe it was you delivering the rather underwhelming report.

We want to help you to get your message through to the right people, just as you have planned it.

If your job requires you to prepare business reports of one type or another - you need to develop your report-writing super powers.

Learn how with our course, packed full of business report writing tips that will make your reports stand out and allow you to develop a strong reputation for intellect and professionalism in your workplace.

Key Insights

  • Prepare - Before you write any content, you must invest some time to make sure you’ve got the essential information covered.
  • Organise - Gather and organise supporting information to support the purpose and scope of the business report.
  • Graphics - Graphics form part of any modern, standard business report. Use tables, diagrams and infographics to make your report stand out.
  • Write - To maximise a report’s potential, follow this simple method: structure, style and a KISS!
  • Edit and Correct - As with any formal piece of writing, business reports will benefit from a thorough proof and edit.
  • Read it out - If you are going to present your report in a meeting, read it out loud beforehand. This will help your timing and influence the speed and tone of your presentation delivery.

Who is it For?

Anyone whose job requires them to prepare business reports.

Course Format

Learn at your own pace during this bite size, animated explainer course.