Be a Retail Hero

Course at a glance

  • 40 mins
  • English

About the course

In this course you will learn the service and selling skills to treat every customer like a Hollywood A-lister and deliver the WOW factor. This is a journey to discover how to be a hero at the tills, meet and greet like a pro and be a diva in the fitting rooms.

It’s a scenario that all retailers dread. A poor retail experience can easily break a customer relationship, damage brand reputation and the bottom line.

The voice of the customer has never been louder and ignoring the importance of customer service and experience is no longer an option. It’s all about the customer.

Key Insights

  • Till point training - an insight into body language, conversations and reading the customer.
  • Planning and preparation of yourself and your store.
  • Understanding stock, location and availability.
  • Fitting room - tact and understanding the customers size and suggest outfit ideas. Your honest advice is appreciated and trusted.
  • Questioning Skills – how to show an interest in your customer as opposed to your product.
  • Selling skills (features/ advantages/ benefits).
  • Reducing shrink & loss prevention techniques.
  • How to acknowledge the customer and when to approach the customer (Inc. meet & greet).
  • Listening skills – how to spot the buying signals.
  • Delivering exceptional customer service.
  • How to cross sell and up sell with the ‘stethoscope technique'.
  • Go the extra mile, with a ‘nothing is too much trouble’ attitude.
  • Basic customer etiquette - being mindful of their presence, mood (assuming positive intent), making eye contact, avoiding talking to your colleagues etc.
  • Dealing with difficult customers and complaint handling.
  • Discover the balance between advising a customer, closing a sale and a pushy sales approach.
  • Removing potential sales barriers between you and the customer e.g. folded arms and a natural smile.

Who is it For?

  • Is it aimed at shop floor employees who need access to a quick and engaging learning process that reduces time away from the shop floor.
  • Employees with a lack of understanding of how or when to apply the skills
  • To fill a performance gap in customer service.

Course Format

Nano-learning, bite-size learning chunks in the format of animated explainer videos & how to guides means you can engage and learn at your own pace.

This interactive course allows you to navigate the sections making the experience relevant and enjoyable.