Texting while Walking

Course at a glance

  • 5 mins
  • English


Everyone knows walking while texting is dangerous. But how dangerous? 
And is there more to it than the safety side?

About the course

The thing about teaching people stuff they already know is they switch straight off. Everyone knows bacon double cheeseburgers will make them fat. You can remind people all day long. No guarantees they’ll stop wolfing them down. The point of this course isn’t to reinvent you as a person. It’s to make you think about the decisions you’re making by having your phone out while walking. To make you think about the possible consequences. And hopefully, as a result, take what you already know, and use it to change how you act. Even if it’s as simple as keeping your phone in your pocket while you’re walking. Doesn’t seem too much to ask, does it? And, perhaps most importantly, this course will do all that in a way that doesn’t bore you to death.

Key Insights

  • The dangers – Remember that, yes, the results of walking when distracted can be pretty serious.
  • The studies – Look at the science that backs up the negatives of walking when distracted.
  • The plan – Think about the easy steps you can take to keep you that bit safer.

Who is it For?

  • Anyone who is responsible for health and safety at work.
  • Anyone interested in being a little less clumsy.
  • Anyone who wants to avoid falling down an open drain or into a bush.

Course Format

You won’t find any ‘walking while texting is bad, mm’kay’ here. There’ll be examples of the consequences of walking distracted. And you can make your own mind up how you want to react. Chances are, that reaction will be thinking twice before whipping your phone out while on the move. The course uses animated explainer videos to guide you through the material, and show the effects that distracted walking can have. There’ll be the facts and stats to back up what we expect you already knew – You should watch where you’re going. Plus, it’s designed to keep you entertained. With new insight on things you thought you already knew. If that results in you thinking twice about something you previously didn’t think about at all, the course has done its job