Personalisation And Self Directed Support


Personalisation is a fundamental change in the way individuals access services: it focuses on the service user’s right to have choice and control over the support they receive.


This course is intended for all people who provide, or may want to provide, services and support to vulnerable adults. About this course

The course contains additional resource materials, useful links and a refresher guide.


This course will enable you to understand:

  • What personalisation and self directed support are
  • The self-directed support process
  • What self-directed support will mean to you in practice


    Here are a few topics covered in this course:

    Familiar terms | What is personalisation? | Background | The current journey to get social care support | Self-directed support | Changing roles | How is a personalised approach different? | Key changes | Key terms | The approach | Assessment | Planning | Support Plan | Agreement | Review | What it means to you | Values and beliefs