Sharepoint 2010 1002: Beginner

Who it's For:

This course is intended for anyone assigned to manage a SharePoint site. Information workers, information worker support professionals, site managers, site administrators, and web portal developers who work in SharePoint environments should take this course.

What it is:

SharePoint is a network-based way to store files and collaborate on projects.

What You'll Learn:

Students will learn the knowledge and skills needed to implement, manage and support a SharePoint environment. This course offers significant assistance for students to become proficient in skills that are needed to implement, manage and support SharePoint products and technologies.


SharePoint 2010 Site Manager - Beginner Part 1

  • Introduction
  • Creating a Library
  • Creating a List
  • Creating a Picture Library
  • Uploading Pictures
  • Creating a Custom List
  • Custom People Column
  • Custom Choice Column
  • Editing a Column
  • List Views
  • Creating a View
  • Filtered View
  • Add a Web Part
  • Editing a Web Part
  • Web Part Views
  • Creating List Template

SharePoint 2010 Site Manager - Beginner Part 2

  • Content Approval
  • Check Out – In
  • Versioning
  • Publishing
  • Unpublish a Major Version
  • Re-publishing a Major Version
  • Send to Screen
  • Retention Policy