JavaScript: Advanced

Who it's For:

Once you've learned to design and build web pages, you can advance your skills with JavaScript. JavaScript knowledge is not strictly necessary for basic-level web designers but it is useful. If you think you might want to get into web development (programming), JavaScript is a great place to start.

What it is:

JavaScript is an open source scripting language used to enhance user interfaces and dynamic websites. It works directly with HTML and CSS to create effects, features and formatting.

What You'll Learn:

Students will be introduced to JavaScript and many basic concepts of programming. You'll learn how to tweak websites by enhancing the back end of HTML and CSS to allow for greater control, shortcuts and formatting.


Javascript Advanced Part 1

  • Introduction
  • Math
  • Random
  • Range Function
  • Date
  • If Else
  • Loops While
  • Loops Do While
  • Loops For
  • Loops For In

Javascript Advanced Part 2

  • Section 4
  • OnFocus OnBlur A
  • OnFocus OnBlur B
  • OnChange A
  • OnChange B
  • Images Preload, Mouseover A
  • Images Preload, Mouseover B
  • Images Preload, Mouseover C
  • Images Preload, Mouseover D
  • Timers