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The Write Way - How to write effective correspondence and other documents


How happy are you with the communication skills of your employees? E-mails, letters, reports and proposals that are hard to understand and contain simple errors send a careless, unprofessional image of your organisation. Created in association with Ellerton Training Services and the Plain Language Commission, Skill Boosters’ interactive e-learning course will show your people through practice how to produce clear, persuasive writing.

The most effective documents are those that are easy to understand.

Intended Audience

This course is suitable for all managers and staff who wish to:

  • Focus on the reader and the key message
  • Use simple, direct phrasing
  • Adopt the appropriate style and tone
  • Use correct grammar, spelling and punctuation

Course Content

  1. The basics
    • Examples of effective and ineffective writing
    • Common mistakes
  2. Structure and layout
    • Using a logical structure
    • Using images for impact
    • Avoid ambiguity
  3. Style and tone
    • Selecting the appropriate tone for your audience
    • Using the ‘active voice’
  4. Grammar and punctuation
    • Common punctuation errors
    • Avoid sexism
    • UK vs. US English
  5. Writing Letters
    • Presenting the right image
    • Effective layouts
    • Avoid stilted phrases
  6. Writing Emails
    • When to use email
    • Email as your ambassador
    • Flame mail
  7. Writing Reports and proposals
    • Effective structure
    • Tables
    • Line spacing
  8. Writing Minutes
    • What are minutes?
    • Sharing information
    • Taking and transcribing minutes
  9. Assessment quiz

Course Benefits

This course will enable your staff to have a better understanding of:

  • How to communicate clearly and concisely
  • How to create logical structures and clear layouts
  • Appropriate style and tone
  • How to avoid grammar, spelling and punctuation errors
  • The importance of checking before sending

From keying short emails to creating detailed proposals, it is vital that your staff get across their key message and are seen to be professional representatives of your organisation. Our training solutions allow learners to focus on the types of documents they need to write and the information they routinely deal with.