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The impact of micro-behaviours


It might just be that quick glance at your watch, failing to acknowledge a colleague's suggestion, checking your texts in a meeting or forgetting a name. But the little things we do say a lot about what we're really thinking - and send powerful messages to those around us.

We believe that equality is about recognising and promoting people’s rights and responsibilities in ways that support the creation of an inclusive working and customer service environment.

Developed in partnership with leading business psychology consultancy Pearn Kandola LLP, this training solution examines the impact of micro-behaviours in the workplace and looks at the crucial role they can play in building positive working relationships.

E-learning outcomes

This course will give a better understanding of:

  • What micro-messages are, how and why we send them and their impact in the workplace
  • The damage caused by the negative micro-messages that we send ('micro-inequities') and the business case for tackling them
  • How our behaviour can reflect our unconscious bias and how recognising and actively challenging this bias can deliver huge benefits
  • How using positive micro-messages ('micro-affirmations') can improve employee engagement, enhance performance, unlock creativity and help build collaborative, cohesive teams.

Course partner Pearn Kandola

Pearn Kandola is one of the leaders in business psychology, with practices in the UK and Ireland specialising in assessment, development, diversity and wellbeing.

Experts and contributors to this course are

  • Professor Binna Kandola OBE - Senior Partner, Pearn Kandola
  • Dr Nic Hammarling - Head of Diversity, Pearn Kandola