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Under Pressure - Successfully coping with stress


Stress is a necessary component of peak performance since we all need some pressure at work if we are to realise our potential. But, equally, we all know how destructive too much unnecessary stress can be over a long period of time. Unfortunately, lean organisations and a long working hours culture has led to stress becoming one of the major causes of absence from work today. Employing expert contributions from, Professors Ivan Robertson and Cary Cooper, this e-learning course can help your organisation manage the problem.

Protect the psychological and physical health of your people.

Intended Audience

This course is suitable for all managers and staff who wish to:

  • Recognise the ‘stress zone’
  • Work smarter, cope better and avoid panic
  • Help colleagues cope and deal with bullying
  • Build a better work/life balance

Course Content

  1. Part 1 – Think Smart!
    • Includes Understanding stress
    • Symptoms of stress
  2. Part 2 – Work Smart!
    • Includes Plan your day
    • How to say no
  3. Part 3 – Relax
    • Includes Progressive muscle relaxation
    • Visualisation techniques
  4. Stress busters
  5. Checklists
  6. Assessment

Course Benefits

This course will help your staff to:

  • Recognise the ‘stress zone’
  • Assess their vulnerability
  • Cope better and avoid panic
  • Work smarter
  • Achieve work/life balance
  • Support colleagues
  • Deal with bullying
  • Learn relaxation techniques

Under Pressure will teach your staff to successfully cope with stress. It will give them fresh insight on how to handle pressure, show them how to identify the early signs of stress, and arm them with a range of preventative measures.